Formal title: Removal of the Notification Agent Forward Contract Report Sub-flow 2 from the ECVAA Reporting Requirements

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Prior to the rejection by the Authority of Modification Proposals P17 ‘ECVNAs to receive 7 day report’ and P66 ‘ECVNAs and MVRNAs to receive ECVAA Forward Contract Report’ some initial development work had been done which provided the functionality in the Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent’s (ECVAAs) software and documentation for these Notification Agent Forward Contract Reports to be produced. The automatic production of these reports is already ‘switched off’ at source with notes in the documentation stating that these reports are ‘not currently available’. An enduring solution is required to ensure that ECVAA will not be required to produce these reports whilst the issue of cost allocation relating to the production of these reports is unresolved. This issue of cost allocation is the reason why P17 was rejected by the Authority.


This CP was implemented


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