Formal title: Removal of Requirement in BSCP71 to give notification of superseded ECVNA/MVRNA Authorisations

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


BSCP71 3. 1. 5 & 3. 2. 5 states that, where an ECVNA or MVRNA Authorisation request is received by the ECVAA that supersedes an Authorisation already contained within the system, the ECVAA shall, in its acceptance of the request to the relevant Parties and Party Agents, confirm that the old Authorisation has been superseded. At present, the ECVAA system does not produce this confirmation and so there is no match for the process in the Service Description or the URS. However, the ECVAA does comply with the higher-level requirements of the BSC in ensuring that the relevant Parties are notified of any Authorisations that have ceased to be effective, regardless of whether they have been superseded or terminated outright.


This CP was implemented


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