CP0901 – Unix 5.1 upgrade

Formal title: Unix 5.1 upgrade

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


SIR2401 There is no process in BSCP509 – Changes to Market Domain, to check that distribution Businesses have supplied Distribution Line Loss Factor Classes (LLFC) are added to Market Domain Data (MDD). The forthcoming Unix 5. 1 upgrade will involve the implementation of a new version of the ISRA application and all the DASM and MASM application software. In conjunction with this change we wish to implement some operational improvements in the new version of the Data Marshalling application (Version 2. 00), as follows: – provide warning of hanging FPT processes, remove environment hard coding from Unix shell scripts, provide audit log of changes, Pro*C to display version at run time, Security Admin option added to main menu. These changes will not have any impact on Market Participants and there are no changes required to the Detailed Functional Specification.


This CP was implemented


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