Formal title: Clarification of AA / EAC data to be sent by the NHHDC

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Lack of clarity in the current requirements for the provision of consumption data to respective NHHDA on change of aggregator appointment, has led to a majority of NHHDCs sending ‘AA/EAC pairs’ to both old and new NHHDAs. This result in either or both NHHDAs receiving consumption data that is not applicable to them and, as such, excessive numbers of exceptions are being reported to Suppliers via DTC flow D0095 as part of the NHHDA Check Data Collector Data (CDCD) function. (The exceptions in question are E03/E04 exceptions, indicating the receipt of an AA/EAC respectively which does not overlap with the DA’s appointment).


This CP was implemented


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