Formal title: Processing of late and revised SAA I006 files from IA

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Presently the SAA system is set up to automatically process any late, or revised, SAA I006 flows sent from Interconnector Administrators (IA) to the SAA. This process is not compliant with the Balancing and Settlement Code. Section U2. 5. 1 states that ‘Relevant BSC Agents and relevant Parties may not adjust settlement data except in accordance with section 2. 5’. Section U2. 5. 3 states that unless the data was provided on behalf of a particular Party (where it can be changed under certain circumstances with the Party’s agreement), it can only be changed with the consent of BSCCo after the settlement data is has been provided to Parties


This CP was implemented


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