Formal title: The Timing and Frequency of Meter Readings from Prepayment M

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SIR 2613 The implementation of 1998 Programme CR148 has resulted in unclear obligations regarding the timing and frequency of meter readings from prepayment meters into settlements being input into BSCP504. The proposal is to clarify these obligations so that they are consistent with the implementation options set out in SVG36/09. BSCP504 should be amended to reflect the implementation options stated in paper SDG36/09: i That Suppliers are permitted to reduce the frequency of pre-payment meter readings passed to the data collector using a Pool agreed and auditable algorithm; and ii That Suppliers are permitted to use an algorithm that selects the most recent reading at the end of every month to pass to the data collector a nominated period to pass to the data collector. And that that period may be fixed or aligned to a meter reading cycle by may be no longer than three calendar months


This CP was rejected


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