Formal title: Operational Change to the Pool Application.

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Raised from Emergency Fix CP689. This is a Software maintenance change to increase array size within code and makes no change to business functionality. Following successful implementation of the Unix 5. 1 upgrade and before applying a change freeze for the Oracle 9i upgrade, we wish to implement an Operational Change to the Pool Application. This change is to provide a long-term solution to an intermittent problem with array overflow, causing program failure during the creation of report PA002REP (Pool NHH Demand Report). A long-term fix for this issue has been coded and tested in Pool Application Version 2. 10. We wish to implement this version at the earliest convenient opportunity, in practice on Thursday, 6th March 2003, following the daily production runs. This change will not have any impact on Market Participants.


This CP was implemented


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