Formal title: Incorrect footnote reference in BSCP504

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The last clause of section 3. 3. 10. 2 (Changes to SVA Metering System Standing Data) of BSCP504 relates to change of Profile Class where no reading has been obtained, and states that: “If no meter reading required, confirm the effective date of the Profile Class change”. This is to be effected by a D0010 “Meter Readings” flow from the NHH Data Collector to the Supplier. There is a cross-reference in the “To” column to Footnote 34. This footnote states that “The Supplier may choose to raise a dispute, where in the Supplier’s view there is a difference of more than 250kWh from the original CoS reading”. The footnote is (correctly) referenced by section 3. 2. 6. 12 – “No later than 12 months after SDD, if the new Supplier wants to dispute the CoS reading prior to the Final Reconciliation Volume Allocation Run 34 “.


This CP was rejected


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