Formal title: Add GSP Group information to the Supplier Agent appointment data flows and define new appointment rejection code value

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
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Modify the ‘Notification of Data Aggregator Appointment and Terms’ D0153 data flow and ‘Notification of Meter Operator or Data Collector Appointment and Terms’ D0155 data flow to include the GSP Group ID of the Metering System concerned. Add new ‘Rejection of Agent Appointment Code’ valid value to allow Supplier Agents to clearly inform Suppliers, in the ‘Rejection of Agent Appointment’ D0261 data flow, that their appointment was rejected due to the Agent detecting an invalid Supplier hub (i. e. Supplier Agent/Supplier/GSP Group/Distributor combination). This would be used when the Supplier Agent has yet to successfully complete the necessary BSC Entry Processes for that particular Supplier hub, or does not support the Metering System’s Supplier hub.


This CP was implemented


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