Formal title: Removal of References to Sending D0281 (BSCP508 & SVA Data Catalogue)

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CPC Consultation
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The flow D0281 “Recalculated GSP Group Correction Factors Report”, sent from the SVAA to Suppliers and the Transmission Company, has become redundant. Under the Pool, D0281 was used to notify Suppliers and the Transmission Company of recalculated GSP Group Correction Factors following revisions to the GSP Group Take. Under NETA, changes to GSP Group Take (e. g. resulting from a dispute) are effected via Reconciliation. Therefore, now that final reconciliation of pre-NETA Settlement Days is complete, D0281 is no longer required. As a consequence, the continued compilation and distribution of D0281 gives rise to unnecessary costs. The issue was highlighted as part of the SVA Agent’s review of BSCP508 v7. 1 for Modification P91 ‘Extension to Data Provided to the Transmission Company in the TUoS Report’. However, as the proposed change does not form part of P91 a CP needed to be raised to address the issue. In addition to the D0281, the manual flow P0060 “Revised GSP Group Take Data File’ is also a pre-NETA flow, originally sent from SAA to SVAA and is referenced in the SVA Data Catalogue. However it is now redundant, not having been used since NETA Go-Live and therefore references to it should be removed from the current Settlement documentation. The data items ‘Recalculated GSP Group Correction Factor’ (J1581) and ‘Revised GSP Group Take’ (J1580) are specifically defined for use in the D0281 and P0060, and so have become surplus to requirements and can therefore be removed.


This CP was implemented


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