Formal title: Removal of Redundant Flows From MDD

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The Market Domain Data Application (MDDA) currently produces a number of MDD flows from each publish which are now considered redundant. There are three versions of the D0278 flow one includes data for England and Wales only, one for Scotland only, and one for all three. In addition to this there are three respective versions of the D0227 flow. The D0278 was introduced with teleswitch and has made the D0227 flow redundant. The D0227, although still created, is not distributed to any Market Participants or used by SVAA. A fourth version of the D0227 flow, known as the SSC extract file, is still required and is distributed to Market Participants. This CP seeks to delete the redundant versions of the D0227 flow from the MDD application in order to improve the efficiency of the MDD publications and remove files that are no longer required from the MDD system.


This CP was implemented


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