Formal title: New validation rules for the MDD application

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


During the Market Domain Data (MDD) software witness testing for Modification P62 ‘Changes to Facilitate Competitive Supply on the Networks of New Licensed Distributors’, it was found that certain data combinations could be entered (and subsequently accepted by the database) which should not be allowed. Examples are: Line Loss Factor Class (LLFC) records can be created for a Market Participant after the Market Participant Effective To Settlement Date; It is possible to enter a Market Participant Role ‘R’ (Distributor) without a distribution id; and It is possible to enter a distribution id for Market Roles other than ‘R’ (other than Distributor). These were not ‘P62-specific’ problems, i. e. validation rules to stop these data combinations should already exist in the MDD software.


This CP was implemented


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