Formal title: Security access meter passwords

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


Electronic meters for use in the SVA market complying with CoP 5 and 3 have four levels of security providing differing levels of access to the meter. When initially supplied by the manufacturer, meters have common passwords for each level or manufacturers default passwords. Most meters have been installed with some password levels left with common passwords installed. This is due in part, to pre-NETA arrangements when the HHDC had these common passwords embedded in the data collection software (MV90) which allowed the HHDC to access meters at level 2 without the need for knowledge of each password. Since the introduction of the DTN, HHDCs require the level 2 password to be transmitted via the D0268 flow. This is consistent with the requirements of HHDCs that choose not to use MV90.


This CP was rejected


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