Formal title: Removal of BSCP20/4.5 and amendment of BSCP02/4.4.

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


SCP02 (Proving Test Requirements for Central Volume Allocation Metering Systems) and BSCP20 (Registration of Metering Systems for Central Volume Allocation) both contain a form titled ‘Confirmation of Installation of Metering Equipment (Including Extension or Modification to Metering Systems)’. The purpose of the forms are as follows: • BSCP02/4. 4: ‘is the official certificate provided by the MOA, on behalf of the Registrant, that the Metering System has been installed and commissioned in accordance with the Meter Technical Details forwarded to the CDCA’. • BSCP20/4. 5, ‘is completed by the MOA and submitted to the CDCA to confirm that Metering System has been satisfactorily installed, is Code of Practice (CoP) compliant, has undergone a CoP 4 commissioning test and is fully operational’. BSCP20/4. 5 and BSCP02/4. 4 serve the same purpose. There are only two differences between the two forms. BSCP20/4. 5 requests Boundary Point/Systems Connections Point/Circuit Name; and also has a field for the MOA to sign.


This CP was rejected


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