Formal title: Change to BSCP40 to allow Energywatch to raise CPs

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Energywatch are currently not listed in BSCP40 as authorised to submit Change Proposals. They are therefore unable to raise CPs, which is inconsistent with the approach defined in the Code in relation to raising Modification Proposals. The omission of Energywatch from BSCP40 is a historic continuation from AP40 during the Pool, the rationale for which no longer applies. There is no reason why Energywatch should not be able to raise CPs or to participate in the change process. BSCP40 should be changed to allow Energywatch to submit CPs and also to participate in the change process. Energywatch would be required to nominate a Change Administrator in the same way as BSC Parties.


This CP was implemented


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