Formal title: Revised NHHDA archiving system parameters default val

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Opportunity was taken during the ‘NHHDA & EAC/AA 7. 3. 0 Project’ to assess the suitability of the recommended NHHDA system parameters concerned with database and file archiving. After consultation with users of the NHHDA software, ‘UNIX Upgrade of NHHDA & EAC/AA Project – Circular 02’ was published giving revised recommended default values and the rationale for the proposed changes. The NHHDA installation process for a new database, and the NHHDA System Management Guide, have not been updated to reflect the revised default values contained in ‘UNIX Upgrade of NHHDA & EAC/AA Project – Circular 02’. The revised default values will not affect existing NHHDA users as once installed these parameters are maintained via the NHHDA application’s client screens


Implemented at end of April 05


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