CP1007 – Revisions to Entry Process Requirements post P62

Formal title: Revisions to Entry Process Requirements post P62

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


P62 was a major and fundamental change to the trading arrangements that required significant changes to SVA systems and processes. Additional simplified Entry Process Testing was introduced to protect the integrity of Settlement. In order for existing Agents and Suppliers to become P62 compliant a new ‘TA Change Compliance’ Script was introduced for P62 using a new ‘assessment’ based approach. This Script was specifically created to test the integrity of Settlement in a P62 scenario whilst minimising the impact of additional entry process testing on existing market participants. It is expected that this additional entry process testing should normally be completed in a 3-5 day visit. All existing Suppliers and Supplier Agents are already obliged to be able to fully support the changes that were introduced by P62 on 1st August 2003


This CP was implemented


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