Formal title: Review, revision and clarification of BSCP11

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Section W of the Code sets out the arrangements for the resolution of Trading Queries and Trading Disputes for the operation of the Trading Disputes Committee (TDC). BSCP11 describes the processes and work undertaken by Elexon to progress Trading Queries through a query resolution process and for the duration of their life as Trading Disputes. During the assessment of Modification P131, and the walkthrough of BSCP11 during the implementation of P107, it was identified that processes and timetables within BSCP11 were, in some cases, unclear. In addition, it did not always accurately represent working practice. Therefore, it would be useful to review and update the document as many of the changes are outside the scope of P131.


This CP was implemented


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