Formal title: Timing of D0170 data request flows

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BSCP502 v6. 0 states in sections 3. 2. 4 and 3. 2. 7 that if required, a new HHDC Agent may request from the old HHDC Agent (on a D0170 ‘Request for Metering System Related details’ flow) up to 14 months of historic Half Hourly Metered Data, where available, including the final Meter reading and the last physical Meter register reading taken on site, for estimation purposes. The old HHDC Agent is required send this data within five working days of the request, using D0036 and D0010 flows.
BSCP502 does not exclude the sending of D0170 flows before the date of change of HHDC. However, as BSCP502 requires the sending of all readings up to this date (and the final meter reading), this will cause an inherent breach of the procedure if the request is sent more than five working days before the date of change. This has been observed as occurring at one HHDC Agent.


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