Formal title: Consumption not 'E' flagged following proving test failure

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
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BSCP502 ‘Half Hourly Data Collection for SVA Metering Systems Registered in SMRS’, section 4. 6. 6 ‘Failed Proving Test’ requires that if a proving test has failed, collected Metered Data will be flagged as ‘E’ (estimated) until a successful proving test is completed. Meanwhile, BSCP502 section 4. 6. 7 ‘Non-Completion of Proving Test’ allows Half Hourly Data Collectors (HHDCs) to treat data from a Metering System for which a proving test is outstanding as ‘A’ (Actual) flagged for the submission of data into Settlement. In situations where proving tests are delayed this can lead to a large amount of unproven data being entered into Settlement, which then becomes indistinguishable from proven data that is also ‘A’ flagged.


This CP was implemented


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