CP1043 – Reporting MAR overdue status by HHDC in monthly report

Formal title: Reporting MAR overdue status by HHDC in monthly report

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


BSCP502 section 4. 7. 1 requires a D0008 data flow to be produced by the HHDC Agent and sent to the Supplier (and LDSO if requested) on a monthly basis. This will include: · MAR confirmation; · MAR failure; and · MAR overdue, for all Metering Systems for which a Meter Advance Reconciliation (‘MAR’) has been, or should have been, carried out during the preceding month. Currently, the flags for mandatory field J0041 ‘MAR Status’ data item in the D0008 are: · A = Automatically passed · F = Attempted but failed for some reason · M = Manually passed. The Overdue status code was removed from the J0041 data item in version 3. 1 as a result of CR1187 in July 1997.


This CP was implemented


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