CP1060 – Providing Registrant with visibility of LLF

Formal title: Providing Registrant with visibility of LLF

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


BSCP28 details the process by which CVA LLF are approved and communicated between LDSO, CDCA, BSCCo and the BSC Panel. The procedure makes no reference to the registrant of a metering system receiving notification of the LLF that will be allocated to that metering system for the forthcoming year. We believe this to be a defect within the current procedure as the LLF is a variable that must be known and factored into the volumes for a contract notification. If the LLF is not notified to the Registrant and specifically if there is a change in the parameter from the previous year this could impact on the imbalance position of the Registrant. Visibility of the LLF at an early stage will also allow Registrants where appropriate to challenge the LDSO on the factor being provided for use in Settlements.


This CP was implemented


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