Formal title: Provision of Actual Energy values on SD basis for PARMS

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The current Supplier Charge rules in Annex S-1 of the BSC treat Supplier serials SP08a, b and c differently in the calculation of their chargeable MWh values. While the performance of SP08a is required to be monitored and charged on a Settlement Day basis, SP08b and SP08c are only required by the Code to be monitored and charged based upon monthly energy totals. As part of the work on P99 Supplier Charge reversion (as well as discussions on possible future changes under P157 ‘Replacement of current Supplier Charges rules’), it has been identified that the accuracy of the performance percentage calculations for the monthly-based serials SP08b and SP08c may not meet the strict requirements of the Code


Implemented as part of the February 2005 Release.


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