CP1099 – Requirements for Meter Type Compliance & Protocol App

Formal title: Requirements for Meter Type Compliance & Protocol App

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


BSCP601 specifies the requirements for new Meter types to be proven compliant with a relevant CoP (Compliance Testing) and the appropriate use of a metering Protocol for its collection of data (Protocol Approval).
This was drafted from the requirements of the Pooling and Settlement Agreement at a time when the only HH CoP existed. The intention of BSCP601 was to ensure that Settlement Metering (HH Metering) was proven appropriate for Settlement purposes. However, BSCP601 is silent with respect to the market that the Metering Equipment applies to and as a result applies equally to both HH and NHH Meters.


Implemented as part of the November 2005 Release.


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