CP1119 – Amend BSCP11 regarding precautionary Trading Queries

Formal title: Amend BSCP11 regarding precautionary Trading Queries

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


It has been identified that Parties have adopted the practice of raising “precautionary” Trading Queries within the R1 plus 20 working day (WD) deadline in order to mitigate against errors remaining uncorrected at Final Reconciliation (RF) which have missed the R1 plus 20 WD deadline. The Code allows for the pre-RF correction of certain HH SVA errors outside of the Trading Query Process. However, BSCP11 does not cater for circumstances where a Trading Query has been raised within the Query Deadline, but has subsequently been corrected within RF by the Supplier and its Agents.


Implemented as part of the November 2005 Release.


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