Formal title: Allowing a Reading to be Deemed where an Actual Reading is Unavailable on a Change of Standard Settlement Configuration

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


CP1185 seeks to allow Non Half Hourly Data Collector (NHHDC) to deem a reading following a change of SSC would resolve the audit issue concerning deemed reads being calculated in circumstances other than those specified in the BSC; and is entirely consistent with the circumstances in which deeming is already permitted.


CP1185 was raised on 8 December 2006. Following comments received from Industry Impact Assessment (CPC00594), CP1185 v2. 0 was raised. CP1185 v2. 0 seeks to address the comments raised by respondents and provide details of the proposed redline document changes to BSCP504. CP1185 v2. 0 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00596. CP1185 v2. 0 was presented to the SVG on 27 March 2007 for a decision on progression. The SVG deferred their decision pending the provision of further information. CP1185 v2. 0 was presented to the SVG on 1 May 2007 for a decision on progression. The SVG rejected CP1185 v2. 0 on 1 May 2007 on the basis that the processes already exist.


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