Formal title: Changes to the Investigate Inconsistencies processes in BSCP502 and BSCP514 (Half Hourly only)

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Discussions at Supplier Agents Forum (SAF) and Supplier Hub Management Forum (SHMF) have supported the raising of a new Change Proposal containing the Half-Hourly requirements of the recently rejected CP1063. It is hoped that the streamlining of this Change Proposal into Half-Hourly only will facilitate a quick adoption of the outlined proposed solutions. BSCP502 ‘Half Hourly Data Collection For SVA Metering Systems Registered in SMRS’ and BSCP514 ‘SVA Meter Operations For Metering Systems Registered in SMRS’ contains variations on the process for investigating inconsistencies and performing Metering System investigations. The BSC Auditor highlighted this issue during the October 2003 to September 2004 audit period. The processes set out in the BSCPs are inconsistent with each other, with the Serials set out in PSL110 ‘Party Service Line for Meter Operator Agents’ (MOAs) and with current practice. This does not aid the timely resolution of Metering System investigations and faults. The relevant sections in the BSCPs do not make the distinction between investigating inconsistencies in data and performing Metering System investigations and the differences or relationship between the two. These processes should have a consistent approach in the MOA and Data Collector (DC) documents. Changes should be made to BSCP502, BSCP514 and the Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Data Catalogue to ensure that BSCP502 and BSCP514 are consistent in the area of investigating inconsistencies and in particular where this leads to a Metering System Investigation to reflect agreed current practice.


CP1192 was raised on 4 May 2007. CP1192 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00607. Following consideration of the responses received to CPC00607, and a further review of the redlining, by the proposer and Elexon, CP1192 v2. 0 has been raised on 7 September 2007 with changes to the proposed redlining. CP1192 v2. 0 has been issued via CPC00615 to seek an additional participant Impact Assessment of the revised redlining. CP1192 v2. 0 was presented to the SVG (SVG81/01) for decision on Progression. The SVG approved CP1192 v2. 0 for inclusion in the June 2008 Release. CP1192 v2. 0 was implemented on 26 June 2008 as part of the June 2008 BSC Systems Release.


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