Formal title: Changes to incorporate Central Management Systems in Unmetered Supplies arrangements

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Various manufacturers have developed new technologies which allow certain forms of equipment categorised as UMS in the BSC Arrangements to be controlled in a more dynamic way.   These technologies, known as CMS, provide customers with greater control over the operation of the supply, allowing both the equipment’s switching times and power loads to be controlled down to each half hour period.   This level of control offers the potential for customers to make significant energy savings, helping to meet increasingly tight regulations on energy consumption and carbon emissions. CP1196 proposes a number of changes that would need to be made incorporated CMS in the UMS arrangements. The changes have been proposed by the CMS Review Group, which was established by Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG).


CP1196 was raised from DCP0001 ‘Changes to incorporate Central Management Systems in Unmetered Supplies arrangements’. CP1196 was raised on 4 May 2007. CP1196 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00604. CP1196 was presented to the SVG for a decision on progression. The SVG approved CP1196 for inclusion in the February 2008 Release. CP1196 was implemented on 28 February 2008 as part of the February 2008 Release.


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