Formal title: Changes to BSCP14 'Processing of Manifest Error Claims' to comply with the BSC

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CP1198 seeks to make changes to BSCP14 ‘Processing of Manifest Error Claims’ to bring it in line with the BSC and address a number of typographical errors that have been found. BSCP14 is unclear on the number of Manifest Errors that must be claimed for a sequence of Bid Offer Acceptances (BOAs). As it is set out currently, BSCP14 does not adequately define the processing of a Manifest Error claim raised by a Lead Party and the processing of a Manifest Error claim raised by the Transmission Company. This could lead to the incorrect processing of Manifest Error claims. This means that BSCP14 is not in accordance with Section Q of the Code which states that a Manifest Error is “in relation to a Bid-Offer Pair”, if submitted by a Lead Party, and “in relation to an Acceptance” if submitted by the Transmission Company. The proposed changes to BSCP14 would ensure that the BSCP has a better definition of a “Manifest Error” as it is written in the Code, thereby preventing any misinterpretation of the range of items to be included in a Manifest Error.


CP1198 was raised from DCP0004 ‘Changes to BSCP14 ‘Processing of Manifest Error Claims’ to comply with the BSC’. CP1198 was raised on 8 June 2007. CP1198 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00607.   CP1198 was presented to the Trading Disputes Committee (TDC104) for a decision on progression on 16 August 2007. The TDC approved CP1198 for inclusion in the February 2008 Release CP1198 was implemented on 28 February 2008 as part of the February 2008 Release.


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