Formal title: D0095 reporting in respect of past NHHDCs

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The Non Half Hourly Data Aggregation Exception Report (D0095) provides Suppliers with detail of anomalies in the data provided to NHHDAs by NHHDCs and the SMRA. E01, E02 and E06 exceptions report missing or incomplete consumption to the Supplier. An E01 is reported when no AA or EAC is sent to the appointed NHHDA; an E02 when there is a period after the latest AA for which there is no AA or EAC; the E06 when there is a period before the latest AA for which there is no AA. At present the NHHDA software will send E01/E02/E06 exceptions to all NHHDCs that have been appointed at any time within the relevant Supplier registration. Change of agent activity can therefore lead to high numbers of duplicate exceptions being generated. Whilst these exceptions are reported in respect of all relevant NHHDCs by design, they inflate the number of exceptions of these types and can thus create operational difficulties for Suppliers and NHHDCs in resolving exceptions.


CP1207 was raised on 3 August 2007. CP1207 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00610. CP1207 was presented to the SVG on 05 February 2008 for decision on progression. The SVG approved CP1207 for inclusion in the June 2008 Release. A paper was taken to the SVG (SVG85/08) on 04 March 2008 requesting that CP1207 be removed from the June 2008 Release and moved to the February 2009 Release. The SVG approved the movement of CP1207 into the February 2009 Release. CP1207 was implemented on 26 February 2009 as part of the February 2009 Release.


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