Formal title: Changes to the Change of Profile Class Process set out in BSCP516

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CP1208 was raised by Elexon on 3 August 2007. It was previously issued for participant Impact Assessment as DCP0008 ‘Changes to the Change of Profile Class Process set out in BSCP516’ via CPC00607 and has been converted to CP1208. A number of issues with the change of Profile Class process were identified. As a result Elexon raised CP1177 ‘Changes to the change of Profile Class process as set out in BSCP516’, which was rejected by the Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG) on 30 January 2007, as a number of participants had raised concerns about aspects of the CP solution. Despite these concerns participants were enthusiastic about a number of solutions set out in CP1177 v3. 0. Elexon therefore recommended that a workshop be held in order to define which parts of CP1177 should be progressed. CP1208 proposes to update BSCP516 to: extend the Supplier timescales for responding to the NHHDC review from 3 to 20 WDs and update the wording of this requirement to better reflect the review process undertaken by Suppliers; move the annual review from February to May; move the parts of the annual Profile Class review process currently included in section 3. 1 of BSCP516 to 3. 2; and CP1208 proposes to update the SVA Data Catalogue by: adding 2 mandatory fields to the P0206 flow (the current Profile Class and the value of the Meter Advances). Definitions should be updated as required.


CP1208 was raised from DCP0008 ‘Changes to the Change of Profile Class Process set out in BSCP516’. CP1208 was raised on 3 August 2007. CP1208 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00615. CP1208 was presented to the SVG (SVG82/03) for decision on Progression. The SVG approved CP1208 for inclusion in the June 2008 Release. CP1208 was implemented on 26 June 2008 as part of the June 2008 BSC Systems Release.


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