Formal title: Movement of the functional requirements within PSL 170 Meter Administrator to BSCP520 Unmetered Supplies Registered in SMRS, following the creation of a generic non functional PSL via CP1182

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The CSD review highlighted a large amount of duplication between the requirements in the PSLs and the corresponding BSCPs. A single generic PSL has been created under CP1182 ‘Creation of a generic Party Service Line’ which will contain participants’ non-functional requirements. Following on from CP1182, CP1218 was raised on 9 November 2007 by Elexon and seeks to move the functional requirements of PSL170 ‘Meter Administrator’ into BSCP520 ‘Unmetered Supplies Registered in SMRS’. The removal of the duplication between PSL170 and BSCP520 will mean that Meter Administrators (MAs) will only have to look in one place to find the functional requirements relating to their role, which may be particularly useful to new entrants. This change will also reduce the cost associated with preparing and maintaining numerous and duplicated PSLs.


CP1218 was raised from DCP0010. CP1218 was raised on 9 November 2007. CP1218 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00621. CP1218 was presented to the SVG on 05 February 2008 for a decision on progression. The SVG approved CP1218 for inclusion in the June 2008 Release. CP1218 was implemented on 26 June 2008 as part of the June 2008 BSC Systems Release.


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