CP1221 – Inconsistencies within the ECVAA Service Description

Formal title: Inconsistencies within the ECVAA Service Description

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


As part of the procurement phase of Project Isis, Elexon drafted detailed contracts of Business Requirements for the CVA, SVA and FAA Agent Services to issue to tenders. The Business Requirements were also reviewed against the BSC and Code Subsidiary Documents as part of a due diligence exercise. CP1221 details the minor inconsistencies discovered in the ECVAA Service Description, which require updating to make sure that the new contracts in February 2009 are consistent with the Business Requirements of the CVA and SVA Operator hosts.


CP1221 was raised from DCP0019. CP1221 was raised on 09 November 2007. CP1221 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00621.    CP1221 was presented to the ISG on 29 January 2008 for a decision on progression. The ISG approved CP1221 for inclusion in the June 2008 Release. CP1221 was implemented on 26 June 2008 as part of the June 2008 BSC Systems Release.


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