Formal title: Effective Date Validation in the D0052

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The D0310 data flow is an error report for the D0052. It is generated when a D0052 either fails to load or is missing. The D0310 is sent from the NHHDC to the D0052 source and includes a Failure Reason Code for the Supplier/UMSO to act upon. The industry is currently experiencing large volumes of D0052 failures. A large proportion of these failures are the result of inconsistent Effective From Settlement Dates (EFSD), where in most cases the Settlement data values are consistent. CP1229 seeks to address the problem of the D0052 failures by adopting a flexible approach to D0052 validation such that D0052s can not be rejected solely on the basis of EFSD mismatches. Data can be stored and transferred in any convention, but must be validated by NHHDCs according to defined rules. The change relates to BSCP504 Section 4. 12. This will allow companies to use their established EFSD conventions and involves the minimum change to Industry systems. It puts the responsibility on NHHDCs to develop more robust validation rules that account for inconsistent EFSD. It will however allow Suppliers, NHHDCs, SMRS and MOAs to use their established processes for holding data. The flexible approach would overcome the Market Start Up, CoS and UMS issues enabling the D0052 to function effectively. Any EFSD inconsistencies between NHHDC and Supplier and UMSO systems will then become immaterial.


CP1229 was raised from DCP0016. CP1229 was raised on 11 January 2008. CP1229 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00625. CP1229 was presented to the SVG for a decision on progression. The SVG approved CP1229 for inclusion in the November 2008 Release


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