CP1243 – Mandating HHDC checks on quality of Meter Technical Details

Formal title: Mandating HHDC checks on quality of Meter Technical Details

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


CP1243 proposes that a new section be added to the appendices of BSCP502. This new section will mandate that HHDCs run a check on their systems each month to identify all instances of CoP1, 2 or 3 MSIDs on their system which have two main Meters registered to them. Additionally, the section will mandate that HHDCs identify CoP5 MSIDs which have check Meters registered to them. The HHDCs should then follow up these instances as necessary with the HHMOA, in order to understand whether each of the instances identified is genuine or has incorrect Meter Technical Details held against it. Where an instance is identified the HHDC should request a corrected D0268 from the HHMOA and inform the Supplier. Though it is anticipated that instances of incorrect main/check Meter registration will relate to CoP2 and 3, it is proposed that CoP1 MSIDs are included in the provision to cover any situations not envisaged and to ‘future proof’ the check requirement. Several HHDCs currently run a check to identify main and check Meter set up errors. It is therefore the intent of this CP that the proposed requirement would be as flexible as possible, to minimise disruption to existing processes.


CP1243 was raised on 02 April 2008. CP1243 was issued for participant Impact Assessment of 11 April 2008. CP1243 was presented to the SVG for decision on progression on 03 June 2008. The SVG rejected CP1243.


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