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Elexon raised CP1275 on behalf of the Advanced Metering Expert Group, who have developed it as part of the Advanced Metering Operational Framework for Profile Classes 5 to 8. This change will facilitate interoperability on a Change of Supplier where the new Supplier wishes to appoint new agents by enabling the agents’ access to the meter protocol.


CP1275 was raised on 9 January 2009 from DCP0039. CP1275 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00651 on 9 January 2009. Version 1. 0 of CP1275 only referred to access to outstation protocols. A respondent raised a concern during the impact assessment that, to support true interoperability the Meter Operator Agent (MOA) will require access to configuration software. If the MOA does not have the opportunity to purchase/rent/licence the software, they will be unable to access the Meter either for retrieval or configuration. Therefore without mandating the obligation to provide software, full interoperability will not be achieved.

In CP1275 v. 2. 0 we have updated the redlining to cover MOA access to meter configuration software. CP1275 v2. 0 was presented to the ISG on 28 April 2009 for decision where they raised a concern over the enforceability of the proposed redlined text. They deferred a decision on CP1275 v2. 0 for a month pending a response to their concern and query. Following the ISG we reviewed the proposed redlined text and developed some non-material changes to the text to address the ISG’s concern. This was circulated to the SVG members prior to the SVG meeting.

At the SVG meeting on 05 May 2009, the details of the CP were provided, including the ISG’s concerns. We explained that the proposed amendment to the redlined text will address the enforceability issue raised by the ISG. The SVG noted the ISG’s concerns over the enforceability of the proposed redlined text; agreed that CP1275 v2. 0 will improve the current situation concerning interoperability; agreed that the revised redlined text resolves the ISG’s enforceability concern and approved CP1275 v2. 0 for inclusion in the November 2009 Release. We presented CP1275 v2. 0 to the ISG on 28 May 2009 for decision. The ISG agreed that the revised redlined text resolved their enforcibility concerns.

The ISG approved CP1275 v2. 0 for inclusion in the November 2009 Release. This CP was implemented on 5 November as part of the November 2009 Release


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