CP1277 – Change to UMS Charge code Approval Process

Formal title: Change to UMS Charge code Approval Process

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


SSE raised CP1277, which proposes to incorporate the UMS Charge Code application process within the scope of MDD. Elexon would construct Charge Codes in consultation with industry experts (where appropriate). We would use the Market Domain Data Change process (as detailed in BSCP509 ‘Changes to Market Domain Data’) as a means for informing/consulting with the industry on the changes and seeking feedback on impacts. This would include an Impact Assessment which goes out to the industry (including Distributors) as they are the ones most affected by Unmetered equipment. The final stage is approval by the SVG (already part of the BSCP509 process). CP1277 aims to reduce the length of time taken for UMS Charge Codes to be approved.


CP1277 was submitted by Scottish and Southern Energy on 31 December 2008. CP1277 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00651 on 09 January 2009. CP1277 was presented to the SVG on 03 March 2009 for decision on progression. The SVG approved CP1277 for inclusion in the June 2009 Release. CP1277 was implemented on the 25 June 2009 as part of the June 2009 Release.


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