Formal title: SVAA to provide LDSOs with aggregated consumption data for embedded Distribution Systems

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Issue: The BSC requires the SVAA  to provide Distribution System Operators with metering data for purposes of operating and charging for use of their Distribution Systems. Currently the BSCP only covers metering data for NHH Metering Systems directly connected to the network of the LDSO receiving the data. They do not include: Data for HH Metering Systems Data for Metering Systems connected to other LDSOs’ Distribution Systems embedded within the LDSO’s network. However, the DCUSA provisions for relationships between Distributors acknowledge that boundary metering is not necessarily required in all cases, and that an ‘Alternative Solution’ will be appropriate in some cases. The Primary concern with requiring the boundary metering for embedded metering for all embedded networks is that the cost per meter is high. As the number of IDNO and ‘out of areas’ networks increases, the total cost associated with metering the boundaries between networks will increase. Solution: To avoid the cost to industry of unnecessary metering at the boundaries between networks, it is proposed that the SVAA should provide each LDSO with aggregated consumption data for customers on licensed networks embedded within that LDSOs’ network.


CP1280 was raised on 06 February 2009. CP1280 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00653. CP1280 was presented to the SVG for endorsement on 03 March 2009. The SVG rejected CP1280 because of concerns over the cost and complexity of the Change.


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