Formal title: Maintenance of Outstation Types as part of Compliance and Protocol Approval

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


Outstation Type’ is a data item contained within the D0268 HH Meter Technical Details flow. It is used by Half Hourly (HH) MOAs and HHDCs to determine which protocols must be used in order to dial into a particular Outstation. The MRA Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) defines ‘Outstation Type’ as a three-character identifier, along with a Valid Set of available codes. Outstation Types are not generic, but rather act as references to specific Outstation makes and models. This means that if and when a new piece of equipment enters the market, it may not properly represented by the Valid Set. At present, altering the Valid Set requires a formal change to the DTC. As a result the Valid Set will often be out of date, and participants will frequently have to resort to manual workarounds. Elexon has raised CP1282, which proposes removing the valid set of Outstation Types from the DTC and instead establishing them as part of the Compliance and Protocol Approval process documented in BSCP601.


CP1282 was raised on 27 February 2009. CP1282 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00658. CP1282 was presented to the ISG, for decision on 28 April 2009. The ISG agreed to support the decision of the SVG, as CP1282 relates to an SVA issue. An ISG member highlighted that they shared the same concerns of some of the respondents and suggested an alternative option, where the valid set be added to Market Domain Data. We highlighted the ISG discussion at the SVG meeting on 05 May 2009, when it was presented for decision. The SVG deferred a decision on CP1282 pending the consideration of the alternative option. We looked at a number of alternate options to CP1282, and provided an update to the SVG (SVG100/01) who agreed to reject CP1282, and for a Draft Change Proposal (DCP) to be raised to obtain industry views on a number of options around how the ‘Outstation Type’ data item is maintained.


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