CP1295 – Process for distribution of MDD Updates not included in D0269/D0270 flows

Formal title: Process for distribution of MDD Updates not included in D0269/D0270 flows

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Currently the majority of MDD updates are sent over the DTN. Certain MDD updates are sent separately as MS Word documents via email, and include: GSP Group Profile Class Default EACs (GGPCDEAC) – currently sent to NHHDAs; GSP Group Profile Class Tolerances – currently sent to NHHDCs and Suppliers; and HH Default EACs – currently sent to HHDAs, HHDCs, Suppliers and LDSOs. These values have historically not been changed often and separately have not warranted a change to include them in the MDD update flows. However it has come to Elexon’s attention that several participants are not receiving this information and are not aware that they should be receiving this information. In order to resolve this issue, Elexon has raised CP1295 which proposes that: it is highlighted (in BSCP505, BSCP508 and the SVA Data Catalogue) that NHHDAs will be issued GGPCDEAC data via email; and Elexon provide SQL scripts to facilitate the loading of this data.


CP1295 was raised on 05 June 2009. CP1295 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00662. This CP was approved by the SVG and was implemented as part of thr February 2010 Release.


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