Formal title: Correction to table B4 of Appendix B in Code of Practice 4

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Following the November 2009 BSC Release, a review on CoP 4 highlighted a number of manifest errors which we believe should be corrected at the earliest possible opportunity. The “Test Point” heading in Table B4 of Appendix B in Code of Practice (CoP) 4 currently reads as “Cos Ø “. This title was inadvertently introduced by CP1288 (Revisions to Meter test points within Code of Practice 4) as part of the November 2009 Release. In addition, and following a full review of CoP4 we have noticed that: there are two instances where Meter isn’t capitalised; and the symbol used to represent ‘phi’ isn’t consistent throughout the document.


CP1319 was raised on 13 November 2009. CP1319 was taken to the ISG106 meeting on 24 November, and the SVG106 meeting on 1 December. The ISG and SVG agreed that it is a Housekeeping change and approved it. The ISG and SVG agreed this is a relatively urgent change and approved a five WD implementation. The CP was implemented on 8 December.


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