Formal title: Streamlining the Party & CVA Party Agent Registration Processes within BSCP65 and BSCP71

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CP1331 looks are amending BSCP65 & BSCP71 to direct the BSCP65/01 & BSCP71/05 forms to the CRA. The CRA would validate the forms in accordance with BSCP38 and check with Elexon that a Party wishing to register its details in CRA via BSCP65/01 has completed the accession process and is a Party to the BSC.
The CRA will be informed by an email from the BSC Service desk when a Party/CVA Party agent has completed CVA Qualification testing in accordance with BSCP70 and will process the BSCP65/01 & BSCP71/05 forms to register in the roles it has applied for within CRA.
The CRA would be required to send notification of any new registration to Elexon who will inform the industry via Newscast.


CP1331 was raised on 8 April 2010. CP1331 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00678. This CP was approved by both committees and was implemented as part of the November 2010 Release.


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