Formal title: Alternative to CP1377 - Clarifying rules on Third Party Access on Licence Exempt Distribution Network

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This CP is identical to CP1377 except that it removes the requirement which states that Registrants have to appoint a common MOA and puts in a requirement that a customer may choose to appoint an MOA of their choice. CP1378 aims to demonstrate that a free choice of Meter Operator is important for competition and would not lead to any risks to Settlement.


CP1378 was raised and issued for industry impact assessment via CPC00716 on 03 August 2012, with responses due back on 30 August 2012.

CP1378 was deferred by SVG at its meeting on 2 October 2012 until its next meeting on 30 October 2012. SVG instructed Elexon to consult with the Third Party Access Working Group and the Proposer on potential ways of addressing any Settlement Risks associated with Meter Operator Agent competition under the Third-Party Access arrangements.

Following SVG’s decision to defer CP1378, the Proposer has raised CP1378 v2.0 which seeks to allow Third Party Suppliers, whose customers are embedded within a private network, to appoint a HHMOA of the customer’s choice where Difference Metering arrangement is required. The requirement for the appointment of a common HHDC will remain applicable.

CP1378 v2.0 was raised and issued for industry impact assessment via CPC00721. This impact assessment highlighted that whilst some respondents agreed with the principle of allowing competition for HHMOAs on private networks, the solution introduced further complexity to an already complex arrangement. At its meeting on 5 March 2013, the SVG noted the volume of comments and concerns from respondents and agreed for a CP Workgroup to be held to enable discussion of how the concerns can be addressed. The first Workgroup meeting took place on 1 May 2013.

At its meeting on 2 July 2013, the SVG rejected CP1378 v2.0 as the CP has moved on significantly since it was originally raised. The CP1378 Workgroup will become an Issue Group to progress the work started by CP1378. This is now being discussed under Issue 51.


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