Formal title: Meter Technical Details for Smart Meters

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


The creation of Meter Technical Details (MTDs) for smart Meters and associated process changes to reflect responsibilities for these smart metering MTDs.


Elexon raised CP1388 and issued for industry impact assessment via CPC00722 on 28 December 2012, with responses due back on 24 January 2013.

Elexon presented CP1388 to SVG (5 March 13), which recommended by majority that the Panel reject CP1388.

With P292 approval, delay to the mass rollout of smart Meters to 2015 and an alternative solution (CP1395), Elexon issued CP1388 again on the 26 July 2013 under CPC00729 with responses due back on 29 August 2013, so the two CPs could be assessed in parallel. We updated the redlined changes to v0.2, which include amendments to address the comments from the CPC00722 consultation.

Elexon presented CP1388 and CP1395 to the SVG at its meeting on 1 October 2013 (SVG152/09). The SVG could not make a unanimous decision with respect to CP1388 nor CP1395. As such it fell to the Panel to make a decision. However, it recommended by majority the rejection of CP1388 and approval of CP1395.

Elexon presented CP1388 and CP1395 to the Panel at its meeting on 10 October 2013 (217/07). The Panel rejected CP1388 and approved CP1395 for implementation on 26 February 2015 as part of the February 2015 release.



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