Formal title: Business Process Operations (BPO) Service rebranding

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The name of the company that provides the Business Process Operations (BPO) Service for the BSC Central Systems has changed from Logica to CGI. There are several references to “Logica” in BSC Configurable Items (CIs), which should be removed wherever possible; or replaced with “Business Process Operations (BPO) Service” (where this needs to be distinguished) or “CGI” (for email addresses).

This is a Housekeeping CP, so does not require a CP Impact Assessment.


Elexon raised CP1399 on 6 September 2013.

Elexon presented CP1399 to the PAB (PAB152/04) for its endorsement at its meeting on 26 September; and to the ISG (ISG149/04), SVG (SVG152/08) and TDC (TDC183/02) for their approval on 24 September, 1 October and 3 October 2013 respectively.

The PAB endorsed and the ISG, SVG and TDC approved CP1399 for implementation on 7 November 2013 as part of the November 2013 BSC Systems Release. The committees endorsed or approved all of the amendments to the Configurable Items, as follows:

  • the PAB endorsed changes to BSCP533, BSCP533 Appendix A and BSCP536;
  • the ISG approved changes to BSCP70, the CVA Data Catalogue, CVA Data Catalogue Annex A, CVA Data Catalogue Annex B, CVA Data Catalogue Annex C and FAA IDD Part 1;
  • the SVG approved changes to BSCP70, BSCP533, BSCP533 Appendix A and BSCP536; and
  • the TDC agreed with the proposed amendments to BSCP14.


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