Formal title: Allowing Registration of Multiple Transmission System Boundary Point on one BSCP25 form and removal of requirement for OS coordinates for Grid Supply Points and onshore Transmission System Boundary Points

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CP1404 proposes amendments to BSCP25 to remove the requirement for the Transmission Company to submit individual BSCP25/5.1 Transmission System Boundary Point (TSBP) Registration forms for each individual TSBP being registered. This will mean that one single form can be submitted for a single site or users TSBPs that are being registered. These changes would increase the efficiency of the process and reduce administrative burden. The CP also proposes to remove the requirement to provide an Ordinance Survey (OS) reference for Grid Supply Points (GSPs) and TSBPs that are being registered onshore.


CP1404 was raised by National Grid on 11 December 2013. CP1404 was issued for Impact Assessment on 6 January 2014, with responses due back on 31 January 2014. CP1404 was presented to the ISG on 25 February 2014 for decision on progression. The ISG approved CP1404 for implementation as part of the June 2014 Release.


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