Formal title: Transfer of Outstation Level 3 Passwords for advanced Meters

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The Issue 49 Group identified a problem relating to the transfer of the J1713 data item ‘Outstation Password Level 3’ between the NHHMOA and HHMOA on a NHH to HH CoMC. NHHMOAs are understandably reluctant to lose control of the Meter too far ahead of their de-appointment date whereas HHMOAs need to receive the D0313 ‘Auxiliary Meter Technical Details’ flow far enough in advance of their appointment date to be able to determine whether they can support the existing Meter, decide whether they need to carry out a site visit, and to arrange the site visit. This creates conflicting requirements from the NHHMOA and HHMOA, which can put the CoMC process at risk.

CP1410 proposes a two-stage process for transferring the D0313 flow, which will provide the HHMOA with the information needed in sufficient time to plan for the CoMC date, whilst allowing the NHHMOA not to surrender control of the Meter until their de-appointment date.


CP1410 was raised by Elexon on 13 March 2014. CP1410 was issued for CP Impact Assessment on 7 April 2014, with responses due back on 2 May 2014.

CP1410 was deferred by the SVG at its meeting on 3 June 2014, pending further information on participants’ system implementation costs and Elexon’s views on including the HHDC in the CP solution. A verbal update was  provided to the SVG at its meeting on 1 July 2014. CP1410 was rejected by the SVG at its meeting on 5 August 2014.


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