Formal title: Combining LDSO and Embedded LDSOs UMS Inventories on to single LDSO MSID

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


CP1414 proposes to give Unmetered Supply (UMS) customers the option to trade their UMS connections from embedded Distribution Systems under a single distribution MSID. This would be achieved by combining such inventories of connections with the existing inventory linked to the already-registered host distributor’s MSID.



ESP Electricity Limited submitted CP1414 on 14 May 2014. It was presented to the SVG for comment on 3 June 2014 before it was formally raised and issued for CP Consultation. Elexon issued CP1414 for consultation under CPC00741 on 3 June 2014. Due to the volume of responses that suggested material changes to the solution, the Proposer sought views on the proposal through a CP Workgroup.

The CP1414 Workgroup met on 15 September 2014 to discuss the issue and proposed solution. Following the meeting, the Proposer revised CP1414 for version 2.0, which provided further clarification to address some of the points raised during the consultation and at the CP Workgroup meeting.

Elexon issued CP1414 v2.0 for CP Consultation  on 8 December 2014 and invites the industry to respond  by 9 January 2015. CP1414 v2.0 will then be presented to the SVG for decision at its meeting on 3 March 2015.

The SVG rejected CP1414 v2.0 at its meeting on 3 March 2015.


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