Formal title: Inclusion of Party Agents in the event of Post Final Settlement Runs

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CP1428 proposes amendments to the existing BSCP11 to mandate that, when the Trading Disputes Committee (TDC) authorises to correct a Settlement Error, a Supplier must inform both their DA and DC to perform such corrective actions. This is to prevent Suppliers inadvertently forget to notify their DA or DC when these functions are administered by different companies, which results in the Settlement Error cannot be corrected by the Post Final Settlement Run (PFSR).


Elexon will present the New CP Assessment for CP1428 to the TDC for initial comments.

CP1428 will be issued for industry consultation as part of the February 2015 CPC batch.

Elexon will seek the TDC’s decision on whether to approve CP1428 at its April 2015 meeting.

The TDC approved CP1428 at its April 2015 meeting.


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