Formal title: Sending revised Meter Technical Details following a change of Meter Operator Agent

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


CP1455 proposes to amend the requirement in BSCP514 footnote 30 to state that the current Meter Operator Agent (MOA) will need to send the revised Meter Technical Details (MTDs) to the new MOA when it carries out a Meter exchange after the transfer of the original MTDs. This will make the requirement clearer that any Meter exchange carried out by the old MOA after the MTDs have been sent to the new MOA should result in a revised set of MTDs, notwithstanding the NHHDC’s de‑appointment date.


CP1455 was raised by Elexon on 14 January 2016. The new CP Progression Paper was presented to the SVG for information on 2 February 2016 and was issued for CP Consultation on 8 February 2016, with responses due by 4 March 2016. It was presented to the SVG for decision at its meeting on 5 July 2016, where it was rejected.

Next Events

CP1455 will be presented to the SVG for decision at its meeting on 3 May 2016.


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